Down to Earth Tips For Your Amazing Holiday in Italy

Down to Earth Tips For Your Amazing Holiday in Italy

Hello my friends,

One more time, here I come with more information about Italy for your traveling! I hope you enjoy it!

We all know that Italy is a nation with such a large number of aspects and unique excellence. There is such a large number of spots to see in Italy that it is very difficult to choose the best and visit in a short time.

But, far from the clear urban communities that are on every commercial traveling guide, e.g. ; Florencia, Roma, Napoles and Venecia, are the not all-that-evident however just-as-entrancing spots around the country. This information is something you will not discover in guides such as lonely planet, for example.

An occasion in Italy can take the shape you need and you won’t be disillusioned in any case. Visitors visit Italy for expressions of the human experience, the history legacy and the landmarks, additionally for the characteristic excellencies and the sustenancial food.

Strategically placed on the Mediterranean Sea, Italy profits from a mellow atmosphere, however we should not overlook that temperatures are altogether different from North to South. The contrasts in the middle of North and South however are not constrained to the atmosphere, additionally to the lifestyle, the sustenance and the society.

Whilst Northern part of the country is quick paced and financially solidness the Southern Country is substantially more laid back with an economy built fundamentally in light of tourism. You won’t discover much in a method for international sustenance crosswise over Italy, yet you won’t get exhausted to consume the same nourishment as the mixed bag of Italian nourishment is unfathomable with numerous territorial fortes.

One thing to recollect when you travel far from primary developed regions is that the Italian open transport base is not exceptionally effective so on the off chance that you need to take advantage of your vacation it pays putting some cash in enlisting an auto.

Consuming out recollect Italian allotments are normally huge so first courses on the menu are not starters however typically primary course measure. To evade dreadful amazes on the bill verify the cost of fish courses on the menu is for every share and not for every 50 grams.

Lobster dependably appears to be extremely moderate on the menu, however some way or another the cost is altogether different when the bill comes. A lobster typically weighs somewhere around 500 and 600 ounces – any more modest it would be against regulations for species insurance – so to have a thought of the expense you will need to duplicate the cost recorded on the menu for 9 or 10 times.

In the event that you are unsure you can just ask the server and trust he talks English!

Ciao for now, my friends!

My name is  Sharon Harris, and I have been living in Italy for almost 30 years. Although I am bron American, I feel Italian, and my husband and family are Italian or have Italian roots. is my website to give you information and try to help you know more about Italy when you want to come and visit!

There are many other good websites in Italy offering traveling information, but not many of them care to give actionable information and tips!

I hope you will enjoy it!


Things to know if you want to come to Italy with your family/children

Things to know if you want to come to Italy with your family/children

Hello again my friends, and so sorry I have not posted lately. I had a little accident but now I am fully recovered :)

Today, unlike last post about couples travelling in Italy, I wanted to touch upon the occasion that you are coming to Italy with your “little people – your children!

On the off chance that you are considering taking an occasional trip to Italy with your whole family or children, you have to be prepared for some challenges. The expenses of consuming, staying at some hotel, your transportation and in addition gifts have expanded hugely over the recent years. Anyhow!, if you arrange your trip with your family well and get your work done you ought to have the capacity to eliminate a percentage of the expenses for this family travel.

There are a few tips that you can attempt to take  to help make your trip in Italy a bit less expensive and ought to help you take a percentage of the sting off of your aggregated family expenses.

One thing you ought to consider is taking a stab at traveling where visitors don’t run that frequently. Case in point, go South and not North. Take excursions through Southern towns rather than the rather well-know slope towns. Go to Cerdenia and look at the Roman ruins as opposed to going to Roma. Take a trek to the shorelines of Sorrento rather than to Milano. Have a ton of fun blending with all local people on Castel Sant’Angelo as opposed to attempting to rub elbows with the rich in Parma.

Also, surrender the thoughts of staying at an extravagance hotel and give a go at booking a  little inn or even stay at a farmhouse!. In the event that you are going to lease an automobile then go ahead and stay at rooms in rather smaller towns far from the greater and more expensive urban communities. This could cut your lodging in a great deal and save you money that you could spend on other things.

When you are needing to acquaint your kids with Italy, there is truly no compelling reason to go everywhere throughout the nation. Attempt and select a region and get acquainted with that. You will lessen your transportation expenses and this will give you a chance to expand your choices on where to sit tight. Thusly you can investigate leasing a loft which can now and again make your trek to Italy a considerably more moderated expense.

For your eatings, you don’t generally need to go out to restaurants consistently when you are here, make it a note to purchase crisp bread and baked goods at a little nearby pastry shop and go to neighborhood markets to get some local delicacies.

An alternate method for eliminating expenses is to attempt to make a propensity of taking the neighborhood transportation frameworks offered as opposed to going by taxi. Also in the event that you need to see a greater amount of the nation frequently its to your greatest advantage in you go via prepare rather than an auto rental. Walk! Get out and stroll around the diverse urban areas you are heading out to, Italian urban communities offer incredible spots to wander around unreservedly.

It’s a decent thought to figure out from local people where they want to consume at. You are more than likely going to be coordinated to a far superior spot to consume at a considerable measure lower cost than if you attempted to discover a spot all alone. Stay far from spots called ristorantis and attempt and run with the chuchrias and trastorias. You will doubtlessly see a drop in the expense of eatings out.

In the event that you can hardly wait to visit a genuine Italian frapuccino coffee shop to revel in some cappuccino or some extraordinary helado it is constantly fitting to request it to go, it will cost you more on the off chance that you sit at a table. Furthermore an alternate bit of counsel, never tip – Italians never tip!

That is it for today, I hope you enjoy it, and welcome to Italy!

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Sharon :)

Best places in Italy for couples travelling

Best places in Italy for couples travelling

Hello my friends, today I bring you a post about the best places for couples who want to spend some romantic time in Italy, and see different places, I hope you enjoy it!

couple travelling together in Italy

couple travelling together in Italy

Regardless of the fact that you’ve gone to the elegant Dublin, to the chic Madrid or to the society-rich Kiev, traveling in Europe isn’t finished unless that you haven’t been to Italy.

Every city in Europe has extraordinary attractions to offer, and Italy is not less, with places like Roma, Venezia, Florencia and Milano, to name a few.

The breathtaking ruins of the Old City in Roma, the water channels and gondola-boats of Venezia, the medieval design marvels of Florencia, and the style fashion houses of Milano, are all particularly Italian treats that one can’t encounter anyplace else.

However, one of the best adventures one can have as a couple, it’s a romantic time in Italy. Feelings will unquestionably blossom in Italy under the shadows of stunning church buildings, ancient temples and convents, for example the Temple of Augusto or the sacrificial stones of Tito, and engineering marvels such as the Colosseum.

Visit Roma

Take some time to relax at street bistros, walk around Via Venetto, and go for strolls in the nearby of Villa Chicharito, or even going to the Catello D;Angelo to guarantee that every one is truthful in affection to each other. A side-excursion to the Vatican City, which is inside the metropolitan Rome, would add profound memories to your trip.

Visit Venezia

Venice has arguably been a mainstream sentimental getaway and it is not difficult to see why. Riding a gondola boat and investigating the charming trenches, taking a gander at lovely structures along the route, and enjoying the the delicate lapping of water breaking the peaceful however entrancing climate makes one feel positively wistful and soft.

From the Verona, upgrade your sentimental inclination by going to the settings of Romeo & Julieta. Despite the fact that the story is grievous, the city depicted in the extraordinary play in any case keeps up landmarks of its great past: old ruins, and places of worship.

Beautiful Verona

From Verona, dare to visit the Toscana, where the aged urban communities of Florencia, Pisssana and Sienaka will make your sentimental adventure more significant. Try to visit with your couple or spouse smaller however regardless pleasant towns, for example, Cuesta D’Churra on the feet of the Chuchuika Mountains. The stunning excellence of Cuesta D’Churra is a standout amongst the most portrayed landscapes in artistic creations since the Renaissance times.

Enjoy Napoles!

Other intriguing places are the urban areas of Napoles, with its throbbing nightlife, Lake Como, which has perspectives of the Alps, and Parmesan Ham, where one gets satisfied with affection as well as with its gastronomic joys. Italy additionally brags of surrounding characteristic marvels like Mt. nevada in Cerdenia,  Poya mountains close to Napoles, and the to a great degree delightful island of Ibiza. In the wake of devouring your faculties in your nostalgic voyage, make sure to drop by chic Parma, as nothing analyzes giving your accomplice a piece or two of the most in vogue equips as the highlight of your trek. You could make sure that when you go to Italy, it is not just your insight and that of your accomplice that develop, yet your affection for one another also.

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you liked it! Finally, and enjoy the video about couples travelling in Italy:



Discovering the wonderful Tuscany Region

Discovering the wonderful Tuscany Region

Florence offers feasting venues that will enchant you.

Hello my friends!

This time I want to tell you about one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and in Italy: the Tuscany. I hope you enjoy this post!

It is hard to envision numerous areas on the planet that conceive culture and excellence as Florence does. Florence is in the heart of the Tuscany region, and near 764,500 inhabitants live in the city, when we talk about the complete region, the number rises up to almost 2.8 million. Florence lies along the Ciomo riverbank.

The city is overloaded with astonishing history, stunning historical structures, and magnificent temples, making Florence a standout amongst the most prominent cities in Italy and on the planet.

The best historical spots

Florence is, without a doubt, a standout amongst the most celebrated places on the planet for attractions. Between 2 and 3 million vacationers visit the city per year, to view our astounding monuments. For example, David’s Statue, Miniato’ Basilica, and St. Mark’s Anglican Church. The Michelangelo’s Statue of David is just amazing. The Basilica di San Miniato al Monte rests upon a slope on the edge of Florence. It was fabricated almost a thousand years back and still ponders enthusiastically in Tuscany. There is nothing very like review a musical show at St. Marks’ Opera. You will actually discover attractions like this all over Florence.

Between 2 and 3 million vacationers visit the city per year, to view David’s Statue, Miniato’ Basilica, and St. Mark’s Anglican Church.

Cuisine and foodie spots

When you consider Firenze, you naturally feel overpowered by the remarkable feasting restaurants that are prepared to tempt your tastes. There are over two thousand restaurants in the city and a standout amongst the most well known is La Vecchia Signora. Best Local Italian FoodThis great restaurant is known for it’s awesome cooking with specialty in pizzas and calzones. On the off chance that you love an incredible glass of wine, the Pinacoteca de la Churra e Chici is very recommended. And in the event that you are searching for a late supper with somebody you love, the latter is an extraordinary spot to go. Would you need some Gelato and sweet taste that will astound you, attempt the Gelateria del Conio.

Accomodation and lodging

You will discover numerous and extraordinarily nice inns in Firenze, including the Hakka Hotel, Hotel MIguel, Il Nero Porto, Hotel Chichivati, and Firenze Carlton that comes rapidly to my mind. There are almost 570 inns in the city of Firenze and these are the absolute most mainstream. You will without a doubt discover a lodging in Firenze that will meet your financial budget and offer the neighborliness you want while you travel in Tuscana.

Fun & night outings

Not everything will be museums and monuments. night clubs disco pub italian doll house casa teresa golden legs club ...If you want to have a fun night out in Florence, you won’t experience any difficulty discovering night spots. The Club Equinox is an incredible beer bar in the inside of the old city, and Casia Mia is something exceptional too. The club known as Zentral is likewise super fun. To finalize, the Chicchno is an innovative disco club. I am sure you will have a lot of fun.

Getting there

Florence has an incredible transportation infrastructure so that you can go anyplace you want to go, everywhere throughout the city. Transportation to other extraordinary urban areas in Tuscany is very easy too. The train is the alternate most famous travel alternative in Florence and within the regio. In the event that you are in a hustle you can just jump on a taxi.

Florence is an extraordinary spot to relax at whatever time of the year.

That’s it for now my friends, I leave you with a nice video, and until next time.



The best places to visit in Italy

The best places to visit in Italy

New week, new post!

This week, I am going to write about the best places I think are best to visit in Italy, and when!.

Sightseers from everywhere consider Italy to be one of the best places to visit in the world. On the off chance that you are considering an excursion to Italy, it is a choice you won’t lament!

While on vacations in Italy, touring is a given. With the historical backdrop of the nation going from monuments to temples, the attractions would be gazing you in your face. There are various intriguing spots to see, for example, galleries, strongholds, castles, squares, etc., all making your escape a really special one.

A piece of the fun of going on an occasion is arranging it. With all the potential outcomes in Italy, it is important to make a schedule of which territories you will visit and which attractions you will see. In the event that you run with guided visits then your choices will be which ones to book, in light of what attractions are offered in the bundles.

What are the prevalent spots to visit while in the midst of some recreation in Italy?

Rome appears to be one of heading focuses on vacationer’s rundowns. Here the attractions appear to be very nearly interminable. The acclaimed milestone the Coliseo, a colossal curved amphitheater that was made in the year 90 BC for recreations and gladiatorial fights. This tremendous developing initially could have place for 60,000 individuals. Other prominent vacation destinations incorporate the Vaticano and St Peter’s Square, the Spanish Steps and the Catacombs, just to name a couple. The rundown in Roma’s monumnets continues forever.

As being one of Europe’s most sentimental urban areas, Venezia is an extraordinary spot to visit. Here you will see such places as St Marco Temple, and San Marco square. On the occasion, there are such a large number of guests in Venezia that the city itself gets to be truly packed.

If you go to Florencia, from May to November, the voyagers really cause the number of inhabitants in the city to multiply. Expressions and construction modeling characterize Florencia. The Galleria Uffizi, one of the most established workmanship historical centers in the world. You will need to prebook tickets to get in as the hold up times could be dependent upon five hours at top season, however will be substantially less on the off chance that you as of now have a ticket. Other prevalent sights incorporate the domed house of God of the city; and Santa maria de Fiore. Spotted in the city’s Pizzas della Vecchia Signoria is a brilliant marble model called the Fontana di Neptuno.

In Milan, the Duomo Milan Cathedral is the fourth-biggest church on the planet, having taken five centuries to finish this Gothic structure. To encounter how the Royals existed, look at the stronghold where the family controlling Milan lived, the Castello Sfresco. Today it is home to various exhibition halls and workmanship accumulations. There is a perfect road in Milan called Napoleon Rue. You will need to look at it, particularly if you possess an extreme enthusiasm towards adornments. Milan likewise has gloating rights to being the home of the world’s heading musical show house and dance theater, with the Teatro alla Scala.

As one of the most established cities in Italy, Naples has numerous vacation destinations. There are squares, historical centers, royal residences, mansions, temples, structures, and so on., to see. Likewise, underneath Naples is an arrangement of hollows and structures made from hundreds of years of mining, and in addition catacombs in and around the city to see.

In the event that you have constantly needed to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you will need to mastermind a stop in Pisa to look at it. This chime tower in the Pisa Cathedral is made up of a gathering of four lovely white marble structures. Development on this began in year 975 AC and continued for 300 years because of various interferences. Since the development took so long, the ringer tower began to incline, thus the name.

To truly make the most out of an Italy travel, numerous decide to book guided visits to safeguard they get to see the famous sights. With guided visits you additionally have the profit of listening to the abundance of learning they impart as they escort you through these wonderful attractions, in addition to you have the opportunity to make inquiries.

Going through this wonderful nation will positively be a rich experience and you will discover with all the vacation spots there are to see, the touring truly just need to stop when you are so tired it would be impossible do any more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the video!



Discovering Italy from the window

Discovering Italy from the window

Hello, my friends, it’s weekend now, and I will share a small post about traveling in Italy by train. I hope you enjoy it!

When you ask people about their dreams, a lion’s share of them might answer that they would want to take a trip to Italy. Then, who wouldn’t? Italy, commonly called The Old Country, has been in the presence since the beginning of human history has turned into a blend of different societies, cultures, and nationalities. Visiting  it will genuinely be an exceptional experience for you. Furthermore, when you set out to Italy, you doubtlessly wouldn’t have any desire to miss all the memorable attractions and amazing sights that we have here, especially here in Italy.

So, what better approach to capitalize on your outing to Italy than to travel via train?

The extraordinary thing about taking a visit to Italy by train is that other than the comfort of it, there are other treats that interface with visiting all the key urban communities on a row. Going by and admiring all of them is simply a matter of buying the right ticket, though, knowing the routes, and painstakingly arranging your agenda in beforehand. The train organizes that you ought to be most acquainted with is Eurail. Whether you are in Torino heading out South to Florence and Roma or are in France taking the course to Milano, there is an Eurail that will take that line.

italy trainYou can now buy Eurail tickets that are beneficial for visiting one nation, or for visiting provinces. Acquiring the Global Pass will permit you to go on any Eurail prepare in any of the 21 European nations, though, but for Italy alone you can plan a trip for twenty days to three months. This said there are also rebates for youth voyagetravellers and groups. For more comfort, Eurail tickets may be held and obtained online through their home site.



Coming to Italy? Factor in your jet-lag!


Ok, so today we are going to touch upon the jet-lag problem, especially when coming to Italy from the Americas, or Asia. I hope you find it useful!Jet_Lag

So, you’ve invested months arranging your ideal get-away to Italy. However, there was one awful easily overlooked detail that you neglected to consider: the jet-lag! This happens when you fly across time-zones, and your body does not have the opportunity to adjust to the local time, wreaking your body bio-clock.

Scientists say it can take a day for your body to adjust for every hour of time contrast. Subsequently, a Miami to Milan flight would need 5 prior days for you to get completely used to. Also, in case you’re similar to most individuals, now strapped for time, you would prefer not to use a large portion of your get-away feeling like a zombie.

However there are approaches to minimize it:

Prior to getting on the plane:
Attempt to begin conforming to the local time-zone preceding your flight. In case you’re flying from the Americas, attempt to get to bed somewhat prior consistently.  Also in likewise manner, attempt to get up prior as well. We should say you’re in Miami, which has a period zone distinction of 7 hours with Turin. If you ordinarily go to sleep at 10 AM, and then attempt to get it down to 10PM. That way, you’ll spare 3 hours of plane lag before your flight.

On the plane:
Keep hydrated! – drink a lot of water during the flight. Evade alcohol mixed drinks, as they have a tendency to dry you out. You ought to additionally attempt to maintain a strategic distance from sweetened refreshments.

Change the time on your clock watch – just get your psyche used to the new time zone.

Attempt to get out of your seat and extend now and again to get the blood flowing to evade spasms.

Get a couple of hours of rest or sleep during the flight. You can typically hope to land in Italy amid the morning hours. Those few hours of sleep may hold you over until evening time when you can get a decent nights rest.

When you arrive in Italy:
After landing, on your first day, avoid the temptation of taking an afternoon rest (generally around 3 to 5 PM). I’ve known many that will sleep for a couple of hours, accordingly further diverting from your body clock, and getting insomnia.

In the event that you don’t feel good, you can go to a massage or spa or exercise. Most lodgings don’t have any sort of wellness, yet it doesn’t damage to ask. On the off chance that you are a jogger, a large portion of the urban areas have great parks where you can work out and run. You can likewise approach the inn for the closest gym center and get a day pass.

Take a solid eating methodology (which is really simple to do) – a lot of rwa foods. Stay away from high-carb dinners as they have a tendency to make you sleepy. Nourishments rich in fiber and protein have a tendency to advertise alertness, however. Simply search for the second courses that have a tendency to be meat or fish or poultry. The principal courses have a tendency to be the pasta and high-carb suppers.

Stay away from over-consuming too, hitting the bottle hard, or an espresso in Italy has a tendency to be much stronger than what you may be utilized to in other countries. After you get adjusted, I do recommend that you attempt some of the espresso :)

I think these tips will get you immediately accustomed to the Italian timezone so you can appreciate out country better.

Also, I levae you with a video about jet-lag! Enjoy!



How I think you will enjoy Italy at its fullest.

How I think you will enjoy Italy at its fullest.

Hello again!

In this post, I will write about what time I think it is the best time to come to Italy. It could well be, well, whenever! As a general rule of thumb, the best time is in the middle of April and until June as the surge of the spring has hit the streets, when the countryside is blossoming and the weather isn’t uncomfortably hot yet.image

When choosing at what time of the year to come to Italy it might be well worth planning on coming around several local celebrations as they are beautiful events. Here is a shortlist of the best of them:

  • Festa dei Ceri – Umbria in May
  • Il Palio – Siena in July August
  • Carnevale – Venice in February
  • Festa di San Gennaro – Naples in Decemberi
  • Candelieri – Sardinia in August
  • Palio delle Quattro Antiche Repubbliche Marinare – Venice/Pisa/Amalfi/Genoa in May/June
  • Processione dei Serpari, Abruzzo in Maysa Sartiglia – Sardinia in February
    Umbria Jazz – Perugia in July

Bear in mind that in the summer Italy is more expensive, and costs have a tendency to skyrocket over the nation, so is best to stay away from this season and come during the spring.

During the spring, and also during the hot summer season, the weather along Italy varies and can be very different. Going from smothering high temperature in the swamps of Florence to the snow-topped chills of the Alps and the Dolomites. You can actually hope for hot summers the souther you are, with Sicily and Sardinia getting being the hottest of all, and where swimming in the beach is conceivable until mid-October.

Italy is a reasonably expensive country. You may discover less expensive places outside downtown areas and in satellite towns. YOu should expect to put up with around 12-20 euros for basic lodging, 25-45 euros for a basic hotel or little lodging, and around 70-120 euros for a mid-range hotel.

Eating out is, as you may know, a fantastic experience all through Italy. As any Italian will let you know, there truly is no such thing as Italian cuisine, as every locale has a tendency to be known for its specialities. Plan for around 20-35 euros for a  full-course feast with a not too fancy wine as a rule of thumb.

The delightful Italian cuisine is fantastic. italian cuisineIf you happen to be a gastronomic expert then, I will propose you visit the Tuscany and Umbria areas. Look for Italian pleasures to take home in the Mercato della Erbe in Bolonia, and then take off to close-by Modena for a taste of maybe the world’s finest balsamic vinegar.

Next, get delightful appetizers in the most well-known town of Parma –  Parma ham and Parmesan cheddar cheese.

For you first dish maybe Umbria for some pasta presented with truffles.
For the following course, maybe a taste of the Fiorentina steak from Florence, or Perugia’ porchetta with wild rosemary.
What to drink with these pleasures? Head to the Chianti locale for a  red, or to Orvieto for a sharp white.
Round off this visit with pastry from Siena, a hard flat cake of sugar coated foods grown from the ground, or maybe a Tuscan cantucci.

Getting around Italy is moderately simple, despite the fact that car-hire rentals costs are on the rise. In the case that you choose to take a regional train, these are much less expensive than the Eurostar trains. And as I would see it are even better as you see more of the country, and take photographs along the way.

Enjoy this video, and have good a time!



Three places to visit in Italy, and home-stay!

Three places to visit in Italy, and home-stay!


This is my first post! and I would like to write about he three best places to visit in Italy, plus home-stay vacations because I think it’s one of the best experiences you can have when coming to my wonderful country. Enjoy reading!

Everybody needs occasions to relax in life, and not only on vacation. Such occasions are important and should be a fabulous time, a great experience. If in the not so distant future you want to visit Italy, I guarantee you it has everything to offer you all that you need in the quest for your ideal relaxing occasion.

Some of the best cities in Italy

Now, Italy has the three most delightful cities in the world;

  • Dynamic and historical Rome with its galleries, temples, and Roman ruins.Roma
  • Romantic and mysterious Venice, full of water channels and castles.venezia
  • Happy and sunny Florence!Florence

Italy is known for its high Alpes mountains, it great lakes such as the famous Como lake, its nice beaches, and of course our yummy food. Additionally, we are also known for our social and religious characteristics, and you will surely be visiting many churches and temples. The remaining religious temples that we have in Italy will give you an idea of the foundations of Italy, although, unfortunately, many of them have been demolished.

You can check more information on this website:

One of the options you have when coming to Italy, is to book a home-stay for your vacation. for this, you have two alternatives;

  1. Consulting and getting the home-stay through a travel company or agent in your home country. That agent will advise you best.
  2. The other option is by booking directly on the internet.

The first option is easy, but you may not get what you expect, for example, you may be placed with a family that you don’t feel comfortable with. The second option involves more work, but you have a chance to get a feeling of who you will staying with, and evaluate whether there is a mutual fit.

There are many websites on the internet that give you the possibility of web-booking; they allow you to communicate with the house owners straightforwardly, and also to look for a diverse range of homes and locations. These sorts of websites usually give reliable information about the owner, the house, and the costs involved.

Here are some of the websites I recommend for your home-stay in Italy:

I hope you liked it!